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Powerful visual portrayals of biblical characters and their stories which promote values, self-worth and faith to children and adults alike


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My Bible Culture is a unique, Bible-based education company who provide user-friendly and inspirational media for families who desire to see the growth and development of self-worth and positive self-image in their children.

We are committed to  ensure that the images our youth consume are a true reflection of history. Our products are designed to reinforce positive self-imagery and build biblical knowledge in order to strengthen their connection with our Creator.

The Illustrated Reference Bible 2.0

Main Features

Illustrated Reference Bible 2nd Edition
  • 7 Color Coded Sections

    Visual memory helps the reader effortlessly navigate to the desired book of the bible

  • Comic Style Biblical Stories

    Comics strips help to clarify the story and create interest in the scriptures.

  • Scripture & Page Reference

    Text on image pages help you navigate to the referenced page, chapter and verse in the scriptures.

  • Illustrations, Maps & Charts

    Expand your biblical knowledge while seeing the bigger picture.

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We can tell you about all the features in the Illustrated Reference Bible but you gotta see it for yourself.  See the impact of the Illustrated Reference Bible in our community.


Our Customers agree with us!

“Please do not underestimate the importance of teaching your children and conditioning their sub-conscious with a black image of Christ.


(Re: It Is Written: The Birth of A King)

“Personally, I enjoyed their masterpiece, “The Illustrated Reference Bible.” Their use of graphic organizers are reader friendly and super great for learning and understanding the difficult texts of Biblical Literature. Congratulations gentlemen! ”

“It Is Written: The Birth of a King is a wonderfully conceived, written and produced publication for children, which re-tells, in truly accessible language, the Biblical story of the birth of Jesus. The illustrations are striking, vibrant and beautifully rendered, and should appeal to children, especially those of African descent..."

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