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Digital Illustrated Reference Bible (eBook)

Digital Illustrated Reference Bible (eBook)

Digital Illustrated Reference Bible (eBook)


Key features in eBook are:
- Full-color images
- Content linking throughout the eBook
- Full menu linking between every chapter
- Color-coded menu and sections of the eBook
- Font sizing capabilities
- Search capabilities throughout the eBook

Experience the Bible in a whole new way with the Illustrated Reference Bible! This beautiful and unique Bible is designed to help adults and youth become more engaged and better understand biblical history. Imagine studying the Holy Scriptures with the help of colorful visual aids that simplify the process and bring the story to life.

The Illustrated Reference Bible is designed to make studying the Bible easy and effortless. With its color-coded sections, you'll be able to quickly and seamlessly navigate to the desired book. Each section begins with several illustrated pages featuring images of major events and people, as well as a title image that lists all the books found in that section.

But that's not all! The Illustrated Reference Bible also includes comic strips that act as a summary of popular biblical events. These strips are not only helpful in clarifying the story, but they also make studying the Bible more interesting and fun. The ability to visualize the story helps to increase your level of understanding and appreciation of the Bible.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to discover a new and easy way to experience the Bible like never before. Order your Illustrated Reference Bible now and start your journey to a deeper understanding of the Word of God.


Format: Digital
ISBN 978-0-9809212-1-2
Pages: 4,170


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