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God Loves You! It's Time To Break Free

God Loves You! It's Time To Break Free

We know God is perfect so what could He possibly want from us?
Just as earthly parents create rules for the protection of children, The Most High God gave us laws, statutes, and commandments as an act of LOVE. Christ summed up the law as loving your God with your whole heart and loving your neighbor as yourself. 

Giving pure and true love to others, will by nature, prevent you from breaking the Laws of God. Christ also said that whoever shall keep and teach the law shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven. It is a roadmap that leads us back to The Highest God.
And it’s for this reason that we should approach everything we do with love, as it’s the absolute ESSENCE with which our Creator purposed and redeemed us.
So what does God want from us? Just like He created Christ our Holy Mediator as the Ultimate example, He wants us to reflect Christ’s love and compassion by extending the same to others.
God wants you and your family to be His Disciples by example too!
God’s essence is of Love and one of the many ways to BREAK FREE is to lead with love, peace, and justice towards those in your life and those that come into your life.
We also know that God is powerful and we can trust Him to carry us through whatever life throws at us. But what if we stray 
off the path? Or, resist a connection with God because we feel unworthy? Is God willing to give us a second chance?
There are many examples of God giving the Israelites second and third chances. He always makes Himself available for reconciliation when they fall short of keeping HIS commandments. He willingly accepts all those who return to Him. He is ready to accept us despite our past failings!
In the words of King David:

“...a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise.” (Psalms, 51:17).
If you’re not sure about this, then let’s explore this idea in today’s world…
Imagine your child has spent money on your credit card without asking. You’d be angry and probably demand an apology from them. Now let’s imagine they apologize but their behavior is still deceptive.  You’re not going to trust them, right?
Well, it’s the same as our relationship with the Lord. It’s not enough to SAY you’d like to live a life of righteousness like a true Disciple of Christ; it has to be backed up by your ACTIONS. By the time children reach senior school we expect THEM to take responsibility for their actions, so what standard of responsibility do we expect from ourselves as adults?
Relationships are by nature a two-way street; as adults, we are inclined to take full responsibility for the part we play in ALL relationships, good and bad.
So why do we not apply this principle to our relationship with God?
Does it feel easier to blame than to have the courage to take on the mantle of self-responsibility?

Maybe it feels easier to live inside the self-imposed prisons we have built for ourselves rather than to BREAK FREE of the feelings and thoughts that hold us captive. 

Let’s embrace the love of the Almighty God!  For thus saith the Lord; For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. 

Jeremiah 29:11 What a powerful sentiment...The Creator of the universe is thinking about ME!  When someone says they are thinking about you doesn’t it give you a sense of value?  How much more from the Creator!

By seeking first the Kingdom of God within ourselves, we are building the Kingdom of God in the 
heart’s of our children, our home, and within our community. The ripple effects are immeasurable!

We can all change the world one step at a time by transforming ourselves and becoming a new creature in Christ!